How to Switch Energy Providers in Texas

How to Switch Energy Providers in Texas

In 2002, legislation passed in Texas allowing consumers to have more options when choosing an electricity provider. Now there are hundreds of providers across Texas, and every provider has a variety of plans. The overwhelming options might make it seems as though switching to a new electric company will be a difficult process, but it’s exactly the opposite. Switching to Volterra Energy is simple.

Is there a fee for switching providers?
There is no fee charged by Volterra Energy for switching to our service. There may be a fee or penalty for breaking your contract if you are currently under a long-term contract, so contact your current provider to find out.

How do I switch?
Choosing a new plan with Volterra Energy is easy! Just contact us by phone or sign up on our website. Once you have chosen a new plan, we’ll send you a Terms of Service agreement, and this will be your new contract.

When the provider switch take place?
Volterra Energy will take on your electric service within seven business days.

Will my service be interrupted?
No. We want to provide you with the smoothest transition possible, and your service will not be interrupted. The reliability of your service will also remain unaffected.

Ready to save? Switch to Volterra Energy today!