Protecting Your Kids from Electrical Hazards

Protecting Your Kids from Electrical Hazards

Expecting moms and dads get wrapped up in diapers, pacifiers, and super soft blankets. They read so many books about birth, parenting styles, healthy foods and, of course, safety. One more very important thing to consider is taking steps to childproof your home. While taking basic precautions to ensure medications are out of reach and safety gates are installed are a must, it’s also crucial to protect your child from electrical outlets and other electricity-related hazards.

A child could become seriously injured if they insert a paper clip or key (or something else) into an electric outlet. Every year, more than 1,300 children are hospitalized for electric shock after sticking objects into open outlets. There are simple plastic devices that plug into each individual socket that’s not in use, but this type of barrier isn’t much of a barrier at all. Other devices, such as sliding outlet covers, replace the current outlet plate but still allow parents access to use the outlet.

Parents have to be careful at all times to make sure their child does not accidentally injure themselves by being near electrical appliances. As children reach their walking stage and curiosity increases, holiday lights become an instant attraction. It is also important to bundle electrical cords that are attached to entertainment centers and computers (for example) as little ones can become entangled in them. It is important to keep a close eye on a child when they are in a new environment or in a situation where they can get hurt.

Toddlers and young children may think it’s fun to help a parent iron clothes or want to straighten their hair like mommy. These types of objects heat up quickly and take time to cool down. You may even forget about the iron or hair straightener a couple of minutes after you unplug it, and your toddler might take any opportunity to go after it. Little children love exploring, and in order for them to safely do so, a parent’s supervising eye is key.

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