8 Energy-Savings Tips for Spring

8 Energy-Savings Tips for Spring

With the start of a new season comes a fresh opportunity for spring cleaning. But did you know that spring cleaning can make your home more energy efficient and save you money? There are a few simple things you can do around your home to improve energy efficiency and keep your home comfortable when Texas’ hot weather sets in:

  1. Open windows. On breezy days, consider opening your windows to allow for a cross-breeze to go through your home. This will naturally cool your home without using air conditioning.
  2. Service your air conditioner. Maintenance is key in keeping your air conditioner working properly and using less energy. Easy maintenance includes replacing or cleaning your air filters quarterly and cleaning your air conditioner’s evaporator coil annually.
  3. Use ceiling fans. Using ceiling fans to cool your home allows you to keep your thermoset at a higher temperature, even on the hottest days of summer.
  4. Cook outside! You can keep heat out of your home by using an outdoor grill, rather than a stovetop or oven.
  5. Use window treatments. Energy-efficient window treatments include blinds, shades, some films, and blackout curtains. These options can not only make your home look great but also reduce energy costs by keeping the sun’s heat at bay.
  6. Seal air leaks. Caulk is inexpensive, and it can be used to seal cracks and opening in your home to keep hot air out and cold air in.

  7. Bring in sunlight. On cool days, open the curtains, let natural light in, and turn off your artificial lights.

  8. Use a smart thermostat. Programmable smart thermostats allow you to optimize your thermostat and save you money. Set the thermostat at a higher temperature when you’re away for the day than when you’re home.

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