7 Ways to Give Back in Houston After Hurricane Harvey

7 Ways to Give Back in Houston After Hurricane Harvey

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall, thousands of Houstonians and others along the Gulf Coast were displaced—more than 30,000, according to FEMA. Many Texans nearby the hardest-hit areas quickly jumped into action and gathered donations of cleaning supplies, food, clothing, baby supplies, blankets, and more. Hundreds more participated in rescue efforts. However, Texans from any part of the state can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Harvey. Many nonprofits have stepped up to the challenge of helping those in need and are seeking donations.

If you’d like to make a donation and help Hurricane Harvey victims, here are a few nonprofits to consider:

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which is seeking monetary donations. The fund will provide a variety of much-needed relief services to hurricane victims.

The United Way Relief Fund is a well-established fund provided by the United Way of Greater Houston. The organization expects that Hurricane Harvey will require more than the resources they have available.

The homeless are a vulnerable population who often need the most help during and after natural disasters. The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston aims to prevent and end homelessness in Houston and Harris County. They are currently seeking additional resources to help the homeless displaced by flooding.

The Texas Diaper Bank does more than provide diapers to babies. They provide desperately needed supplies to babies, seniors, and the disabled across Texas. They have provided thousands of diapers to those in shelters in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Food banks are always great resources for the community and continuously seek donations and volunteers. However, during natural disasters, these organizations need even more help. Here are a few food banks that are in the hardest-hit areas:
● Feeding Texas (statewide)
● Houston Food Bank
● Galveston County Food Bank
● The Food Bank of Corpus Christi
● Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

Before donating to a charity, make sure you research the organization to ensure they’re a reliable resource for the community. These are only a few of the organizations that need help during this time, and we’ll share more on our blog in the weeks to come. However much you give, every dollar counts.